Addressing Scarcity, Building Society, Creating Success

Sensible Investments, LLC, was formed in early 2012 in Richmond, VA.  It is a privately held firm.

What is a sensible investment?  It is an opportunity to place money into a core aspect of living, such as housing, with a well known set of risks, and a modest expected return. 

It's as easy as A B C.

A  Addressing Scarcity: There is a serious issue with the supply of housing that is in good condition, close to work, school, and community amenities, that is affordable at median salaries.  Sensible Investments, LLC aims to fill that need.

B  Building Society:  It's not just a building people need.  It's a community.  By working with our partners on the ground, listening to clients, and applying housing best practices, the outcome is a better world for everyone.

C  Creating Success:  There is no free lunch.  Opportunities have to be found, risks considered, and actions taken.

Since its formation, the company has made investments which helped provide liquidity to 'unlock' the potential of distressed residential real estate.  The mission of Sensible Investments is to ensure that funding is available to create affordable housing, while providing a market return to investors.

Adam J. Haller, CFA
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